There are 2 Energy rebate programs that you can take advantage of:

1) The Total Homes Program with NB Power

2)The Greener Homes Program by the Government of Canada.

Participate in the 2 programs by following these steps :


a) Register with the Total Homes Program with NB Power by following this link.

b) If the property is your primary residence, register with the Greener Homes Program with the Government of Canada by following this link.

Both programs are stackable


Enercheck will receive your contact information from NB Power and the Government of Canada and we will then contact you to schedule your pre-upgrade evaluation.


A certified Energy Advisor will conduct an energy evaluation on site and provide upgrade recommendations for both programs where applicable. The data collected will then be forward to Enercheck`s office.

Subsequently , an energy simulation will be conducted using computerized software and a report will be provided for each programs indepedantly.



After reviewing the reports, the home owner can implement the energy upgrades.

Contact Enercheck to schedule your final inspection.

Post upgrade evaluation takes place on site to confirm the upgrades completed. Copy of receipts will be collected

Enercheck will submit your 100% of your rebate application with NB Power directly and our portion with the Greener Homes program.
Home owner may have to upload some documentation on the Greener Home portal depending on the date of evaluation.

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills and Increased Comfort

Upgrades Covered

  • Insulation

  • Windows & Doors

  • Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Domestic Hot Water Systems

  • Solar

Energy Audit Highlights

Thermal envelope

Evaluation  of the complete building envelope: Insulation levels, windows and doors and air tightness.

Mechanical Systems

Assessment of the mechanical systems : Heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water.

Blower Door

Blower door test :  This will measure how airtight your home is and help find sources of air leakage/drafts.

Leakage Detection

A walk through to determine the air leakage locations.

Program Review

Comprehensive review of the program guidelines and financial incentives

Customized Report

Customized written report with practical upgrade recommendations to suit your needs.

Pre Upgrade Audit

$99 + hst for Total Homes Program ADD $150+hst for Greener Homes when combining the 2 programs.

Post Upgrade Audit

$0  for Total Homes ADD $100 + hst for Greener Homes when combining the 2 programs.

Why Choose EnerCheck?

We offer bilingual services across the entire province of NB. Our certified energy advisors  have 10 yrs of experience in the field and Enercheck has performed over 30,000 audits since 2008. We are locally owned and operated as well.

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716 Rue Champlain, Dieppe, NB, E1A 1P5


1 (866) 990-2499

***Please note that due to the popularity of the programs, we are currently experiencing higher than usual volume of contacts. Our turn around time for communications is approximately 3-7 business days at the moment. Thank you for your patience***